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Welcome to Book Funnel

I have finally hooked up with Book Funnel to deliver my e-books directly to my readers. So far only Book 1 – Destiny of Kings has been converted, ready for delivery, but Book 2 – Seed of Hope is only a few days away. Book Funnel are an independent service provider who deliver files directly […]

Covenant of Grace Series – New Cover Launch

Covenant of Grace - Covers

After 2 years and 3 books I am really excited to be bringing a new theme and cover design to my work.     These will be introduced to Amazon and Smashwords for all e-book versions over the next week or so along with an internal chapter header; as long as file conversions cooperate of […]

Sex Scenes in Fantasy – Yes/No?


I heard a rumour that someone was concerned that my first book Destiny of Kings had an orgy scene in it and that this was why they hadn’t read it. I had to laugh because apparently this comment caused the husband of one of my close friends to pick up the book immediately, read it (he rarely […]

Trying Not to be a Doubter

Seth Godin wrote this article on the ‘gulf of disapproval’ that comes with any new idea. I find it deflating when people do this to me, but I realise I can be a doubter too.  

Can I ask a Favour?

2 for 1 small

I am in the final stages of preparing book 3 – Legacy of Power for publication so I was just wondering if I could possibly ask my regular readers for a favour? You have probably read Destiny of Kings already and maybe Seed of Hope too, at least I hope you have…. But this offer […]

More to an Author than Writing…


People often believe that artists are addled brained individuals who randomly throw their imagination, be it words, photos, drawings or ideas, out into the world. That might work for the rare few, but most writers, painters, photographers, actors or artistically minded people need to carefully plan their work. After two published novels and a third […]

What Drives an Unknown Author to Keep Writing?

Seed of Hope final2 square

When you can’t get an agent or a publishing contract, you have to consider if you really have what it takes to be an author. That is why genuine peer book reviews are so important, they give you the incentive to keep writing and to persist in pushing yourself to improve your work. Ankita is […]

Seed of Hope Reviews – Keep them Coming!

Seed of Hope final2 square

Thanks to my readers who have taken the time to review my last book – Seed of Hope. What are Reviews all about! You know it isn’t about the number of stars, the sales or the recognition. Writing fiction and especially fantasy is about sharing little pieces of your imagination with others. I write to […]

The Rewards of Youth Work

Youth Expo Life Be in It

Youth Work Can be Challenging You never really know if what you are doing is making a difference. When my oldest son was in his early teens I worked on a number of youth programs, mostly as a volunteer but partly in paid work. One of the events we developed was a part of National […]

Things That Drove Your Mother Crazy!

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Things that drove your mother crazy and are now driving you nuts A new bottle of milk opened when the old one has half an inch left in the bottom and is still in date. The new  butter opened, when there is still at least one slice of bread left in the old one; really […]