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A re-telling of the story of King David. Where religious turmoil & dark magic reign. The Covenant of Grace Epic Fantasy Series is finished. Start your journey today with book 1 – Destiny of Kings FREE.

Author Spotlight with Marilyn Peake

It is amazing how many USA Today authors I have interviewed recently, but Marilyn goes one step better. She has also made the Wall Street Journal Best Seller list so I had to find out more about her work. Marilyn has a new Paranormal Romance series with the first book just released and has kindly […]

Cover Feedback Survey Results are In

33 Responses and Some Awesome Feedback First up, thanks to everyone who took the time to give their feedback on covers; my covers in particular. Here is a quick summary of the results. Less than 20% of you said you buy a book based on its cover, while nearly 80% said that is can affect […]

Author Spotlight with Melinda Kucsera

I’ve met some very interesting authors with my Author Spotlight articles, but when I asked Melinda a few questions in preparation for this interview I discovered her characters really do have a mind of their own. Melinda has Kindly offered the first book in her series free to all my readers. Grab your copy here […]

2017 in Review

Not sure if its the completion of my first series, the compilation of years of work or the generosity of both my readers and other authors I network with, but 2017 has been a great year for my books. It’s the first year I managed to write more than one novel (Heir of Vengeance and […]

Sally Cronin Features The Ehud Dagger

Sally is a fabulous supporter of Indie Authors and her website is a great source of new books from your favourite authors. This article features my latest book The Ehud Dagger Novella. What is absolutely fantastic is that Sally went looking for my latest book and I got a spike in sales before I even […]

Planning a ‘Research’ Trip through the Mediterranean

I need your help! I have wanted to visit the Greek Islands and the Mediterranean since I first saw James Bond in For Your Eyes Only many, many, many…. (you get the idea) years ago. Once I started writing novels about ancient Israel, Egypt and other areas of the Med, the lure continued to grow. […]

Author Spotlight with Eileen Hodgetts

The first question I had to ask Eileen when we talked for this interview was how and with which book she made the USA Today best seller list. I was quite surprised to discover the book was a Novella and part of an anthology, but what was even more interesting was the novella was an […]

Author Spotlight with Dean Wilson

It must be getting close to Christmas because there are so many great authors offering some fantastic promotions; so much so I have two Author Spotlights for October. I asked Dean to join me as he has just released a 23 book boxed set of Fantasy and Sci-fi books from a group of talented authors […]

Author Spotlight with JR Frontera

I always find it interesting how authors choose the genre they write in. Sci-fi is something I have never been able to get my head around. I can read it and watch it at the movies, but writing it is just beyond my brain’s comprehension. With different time lines & science jargon, it is best […]

BookRebel Features Seed of Hope

BookRebel have chosen Seed of Hope to feature on the 7th October in their Reader Newsletter. I am really happy to see this book begin to get some recognition from people like BookRebel. It has averaged 4.5 stars with some great 5 star reviews to date: “It captivates with all the ingredients of a best […]