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Fall of Jericho – It Has Begun!

Fall of Jericho – It Has Begun! People often read my books and ask me where I get my ideas and inspiration from, so I thought I might guide you through the writing of my latest book Fall of Jericho as I go. I am 10,000 words into the story (about 15% done) but the […]

A Love – Hate Review!

‘I was really annoyed. The author mixed fantasy and the Bible together’! This recent 3 star review from Audrey on Goodreads was gratefully accepted but I have to admit it gave me a bit of a shake up. The idea of mixing magic, prophecy, fate and matters of faith might have had Audrey questioning my writing […]

Author Spotlight with Renee Scattergood

Renee writes great fantasy stories and I couldn’t contain my excitement when she agreed to offer all my readers a taste of her work. But before we rush into the download link, I thought you might like to know a little more about Renee so I asked her a few questions and the answers were […]

Sexy, Feminist Writing.

Daniel recently posted a 4 star review of Destiny of Kings on Amazon.   Thanks Daniel, I am always extremely grateful for reviews and they constantly motivate me to write more 🙂  His headline was ‘Sexy, Feminist Writing. Very Well Written’ and it got me thinking about my female characters. I would never call myself […]

More Ways to Borrow Indie Books

It’s been years in the making but finally, with advanced technology and a more open minded acceptance of Indie Authors, we have libraries around the world adopting Indie books into their e-book lending platforms. I was recently invited to add my books to the Wheeler e-books platform where readers can now borrow my books through their ePlatform […]

Excerpt – The Ehud Dagger Prequel Novella

I wrote The Ehud Dagger for a little fun but also to satisfy a few of my readers who felt a little cheater when I ‘killed off’ one of my popular characters from Destiny of Kings. This little Novella answers a number of background questions and enlightens the reader on some of the history behind […]

Meet Fantasy Author Nicolette Andrews

Nicolette and I bumped into each other while networking with other Indie Authors and I thought you might like to get to know her work. Nicolette has kindly agreed to offer you all an unadvertised giveaway of her latest novel The Priestess and the Dragon. But before I give you the download details, let’s find […]

Seed of Hope on sale @ 99¢

I have taken my boxed set of the first 3 books off Amazon and at this stage I am not planning on putting it back up but as a little compensation, I am offering book 2 – Seed of Hope for only 99¢ until the end of July. It won’t go back on sale again […]

Heir of Vengeance Tour Wrap Up!

It’s been a busy month with the release of Heir of Vengeance and the final month of sales for the Covenant of Grace boxed set volume 1-3. Thanks so much to Marie Lavender, Sally Cronin, Chris Graham, Juneta Key and Linze Brandon for hosting me on your fabulous blogs. As part of the release tour, […]

Join the Heir of Vengeance Blog Tour

Join the Heir of Vengeance Blog Tour Because this is the 4th and final book in the Covenant of Grace Series, I thought it might deserve a little bit of fanfare, so please tag along as I visit a number of my fellow author’s websites in June. 5th June – Marie Lavender’s Writing in the […]