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2017 in Review

Not sure if its the completion of my first series, the compilation of years of work or the generosity of both my readers and other authors I network with, but 2017 has been a great year for my books. It’s the first year I managed to write more than one novel (Heir of Vengeance and The Ehud Dagger Novella) and its the first year I might even break even on the cost of producing my books 🙂 Yippee!


This year my first book Destiny of Kings reached #1 in Australia in its sub-genre, even if it was ever so fleetingly.



And was in the top 5 on Amazon US for all 3 sub-genres – WOW!



These results are milestones for the year but they wouldn’t be possible without so many people who helped out and especially those readers who purchased my books.

During the year I expressed my frustration with blogging (or lack of it) and decided to change tacks entirely when it came to managing my website. For me it became more about working alongside other Indie Authors to bring some quality work into the spotlight. In case you missed the authors I featured this year, you can check them out here.

The plans was to feature their book covers but my IT skills were not up the challenge of aligning book cover pics; sorry. Note to self, do a course in 2018…. You know how New Years Resolutions usually go though 🙂

I owe a special thanks to Sally Cronin who continues to support Indie Authors all over with her Smorgasbord of latest releases from the Indie world. In addition, I want to thank the Noosa Cooroy Library for allowing me to host an e-book workshop earlier this year. I really enjoyed the experience and getting to know other local authors who were either self publishing or considering it.

My 6th book Fall of Jericho was started this year with a release date of May 2018 and I birthed a new series (in my head) which will be based  on the Priestess Order of Shiloh featuring two of my most favourite characters Salaman and Nina. I intend to develop this story most likely in Novella form so I can release more books more often (and cheaper for readers to buy) throughout the year while working on a major novel annually.

I’m still work full time in my family business & I’m not giving up my day job yet; actually I like my day job so not giving up anytime soon, but writing is my solitude, my personal time, my space away from everything else I do and I intend to keep it up until I dropped dead and my kids inherit the movie rights for all my books; I wish.

My wish for you this New Years!

That you embrace every opportunity that comes your way and find fulfilment, peace and gratitude in the sunrising and setting each and every day.

To those that reviewed, purchased, beta read, ARC read, emailed me, Facebook messaged me or commented on my writing, thank you. I value every bit of feedback and appreciate the personal touch. You know where to find me…

Happy New Year!


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  1. Congratulations on such a positive year of writing Fiona and a great springboard to 2018. Thank you for the mention and Happy New Year.

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