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3 Simple Ways to Overcome Fear!

Fear can be debilitating at times and often stops us from trying new challenges. I remember when I was learning to kitesurf. Yes, fly the kite & ride a board on the water all at the same time. Apart from the seemingly overwhelming risk factors people associate with the sport; which are often due to a lack of understanding, there is the fear of embarrassment in trying something new which you might not master straight away. This was my main fear. I had, up until this time only ever stuck with new sports, pastimes or hobbies that I found easy the first few times I tried them. I can assure you, kitesurfing was not one of those things.

So what are the 3 Simple Ways to Overcome Fear? Ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. What is the worst thing that can really happen? In the case of kitesurfing, with quality instruction, the worst that could have happened was I could land on my face in the water and get water up my nose. I did this often by the way.
  2. What can I learn from this challenge? Kitesurfing taught me that sometimes perseverance really does have its rewards. I am in love with the sport and now other women ask me how I managed to become as accomplished as I am?
  3. What will I miss out on if I don’t give it a try? It doesn’t matter if it is kitesurfing, learning to drive, blogging, writing, drawing or just about anything else which might raise the feelings of fear within you. If you try something and make a few mistakes, it won’t kill you. If you try something and don’t succeed, you will learn something. If you don’t try, you will never know just how good you could have been and how much joy you could have found!

If you are thinking about trying something new and feelings of fear are starting to rise, then try asking yourself these 3 questions. Research your new project. Make sure you assess the risks so that the worst that can happen won’t be risky at all. Think about the challenge and what others have learnt through the process; you could learn this too. Finally, consider if you can really live with the lost opportunity. Sometimes doors only open for us once in a lifetime. Push the door open all the way and take the leap. Have faith in yourself; you really can do it!

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  1. Love your 3 questions – very helpful, thank you! (And, a great pic!)

    1. Thanks girls. Glad you enjoyed it.

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