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Hi, my name is Fiona and I would like to welcome you to my website. If you are an open minded person of faith, philosophy or sociology then you and I will likely have a lot in common. I enjoy listening to and discussing different perspectives on life, love, faith and hope and love writing fantasy which is fast paced and thought provoking.

I am a small business owner, wife, mum, advocate, mentor and entrepreneur. When I am not writing I am either kitesurfing, stand up paddle surfing, travelling or volunteering in some capacity. I love cheese, chocolate and living a creative life.

I plan on releasing a new fantasy novel every year for as long as I possibly can and I always appreciate legitimate feedback so please don’t forget to review my work when you have read it.

It turns out writing is in the blood. My Great Uncle was George Johnston (My Brother Jack) and although I don’t claim to have his renowned literary style, I do write a mean fantasy novel.

My Books

My fantasy novels are fast paced, character driven historical stories with strong mystical, spiritual and theological themes mixed with elements of the classic heroic/epic fantasy genre. I take old bible stories and related topics, turn them upside down, fill in the back story and challenge the philosophical viewpoint.

My writing was first inspired by the heroic fantasy style of David Gemmell, but I have most recently been compared to Traci Harding on one hand and Peter V Brett and the Painted Man Series on the other.

My Background

My preoccupation with spirituality and religious philosophy began after the still birth of our second son. I had considered myself a Christian, but this was a soul searching time and opened up a path into religious studies, community development and working within the Christian church community on outreach projects.

I found the institution of religion wanting in many ways. Don’t get me wrong, the church often does wonderful things for the community and I am still very close with many of my friends within the church. What I found was that institutionalisation of any type could often stifle creativity and freedom of choice. It can make us complacent and comfortable in what we believe we already know.

I have been self employed for over 25 years and have worked in farming, manufacturing, retail and tourism. During that time I have reinvented myself and my career many times over. We are all a sum of our life experience and I have enjoyed quite a few big growth moments including farming, working in a male dominated manufacturing sector and more. Writing is another fulfilling evolution in that cycle of learning experiences.

I am a compulsive student and have qualifications in theology, business, communications and community development and not a day goes by when I don’t try and absorb knowledge just for fun.

The Future

I grew up with a constant nagging in the back of my mind, telling me I was different, unusual, not Normal. At times, I still struggle with this pervading thought but I now understand that the movers and the shakers of this world are far from normal. They are unconventional, sensitive, and often philosophical individuals who take their weirdness, add some determination and try to make a difference.

Through my books and stories, I hope you take time to ponder your existence, get motivated and are encouraged to seek out the positivity in your world, to move beyond normal to make a difference in your community, no matter how large or small that is.


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Other Blogs and Website Authored by me. – Family business website

Volunteer Work

The Australian Ambassador for KB4girls – empowering women through kiteboarding.

Treasurer of the P&C at my sons high school.

Member of the Adventure Focus group with Tourism Noosa.





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