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Adelaide Writer’s Festival – A Humbling Experience

What an inspiring day, from Robert Dessaix’s fascination with Enid Blyton to Gerald Murnane’s obsession with horse racing, there was not a dull moment to be had all day. Before today, I didn’t know any of these writers except Australian Comedian and actress Magda Szubanski and that was an enlightening fact which I pondered throughout the event. As an author with a small audience I found this fact both encouraging and yet humbling at the same time.

Peter May has sold over 2 Million copies of his Enzo Files series and is the screenwriter of many UK drama productions, yet I had never heard his name uttered anywhere, at any time. Now either I have been living under a rock, or I finally understand what it means to be an author. I believe the later might be the case.

In the back of my mind I have understood that fame and fortune are not the motivators for most writers, certainly not mine, but somewhere deep down in my soul I still wanted to believe that some sort of notoriety would come from the writing of great work. Yet after watching these authors, all eight I saw today, I could see that none, not one was motivated by fame or even any sense of self importance and that was my humbling experience.

To keep writing, to keep getting better and to keep filing away the stories that are yet to come, is to one day, maybe, be able to stand where these accomplished authors are today.

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