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Advice for Writers Can be Totally Distracting!

Listening to all the conflicting advice, ideas, options, processes and ‘failsafe’ systems on how to find readers is actually just starting to annoy the hell out of me. Not to mention, well actually I will mention just how distracting it is getting. I am spending way too much time reading blogs and posts along with listening to podcasts and watching videos, so much so that I have no spare time to write.

Today is my day of reckoning, revelation if you will. Today I am going to return my focus to what I love and why I do what I do. Focussing on writing can be exceptionally difficult to achieve, especially when all you really want is to have people read your work. The idea of finding more readers is as tempting as chocolate and just as hard to resist.

So…. Book 3 is under way; still awaiting a final title but Prologue and 4 Chapters are done. I am really excited about the direction the story is going and as soon as I catch up with my regular paying day job, I will be head down, bum up writing my little heart out; so stay tuned as the story develops.


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