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All Good Things Take Time…..

Like fine wine, fond memories, wisdom and so much more, all good things take time……

As a very impatient person, always rushing to get the job done, this nugget of wisdom; that all good things take time, has been a long time in the understanding. But there is a balance point. If I just sit back and wait, expecting good things to come my way, well….. I could be waiting a very long time, like hoping to win the lottery. At the same time, if I stress and push and wrestle (which I often do), trying to make things happen, I might miss opportunities or upset the natural process.

So how do I find a balance?

I don’t, well not very often anyway. I seldom slow down, I rarely just wait because I hate inactivity; it makes me feel helpless. So I push and wrestle and often do all the wrong things to force my goals into realisation. I do know this isn’t productive, but it doesn’t stop me from doing it. So, how do I find the balance between drive and destiny?

I have read many articles on ‘finding your calling’, ‘a purpose driven life’, ‘living with purpose’ bla bla bla. Alternatively, I have immersed myself in articles on ‘finding inner peace’, ‘letting fate takes its course’, ‘letting go of control’. I have yet to find a source which can balance these two opposites of the spectrum. One minute I am reading A purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, the next I am reading the Dalai Lama’s book The Art of Happiness. Both have merit, but both create a seesaw of inner turmoil.

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who is addicted to this teeter totting process? I know I am here for more…. More what exactly? I am not sure. I realise there are people out there quite happy to potter through life, but that has never, ever been me.

Sorry, this has turned into a physiology session, a glimpse of sorts into the inner turmoil of my mind and my frustration with the imbalanced nature of life.  The point is, I am learning, with a little bit of age & wisdom to wait, to plan, to be patient but to also push forward when the opportunities arise. Which is why I am gently pushing forward with my second book. All the time, learning, growing, being patient yet persistent.

Here is the picture which will likely feature on the cover of my new book Seed of Hope…. Tell me what you think?

Seed of Hope Cover

I would also really love to hear how you find balance in a world of contradictions?


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