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Author Spotlight with Dean Wilson

It must be getting close to Christmas because there are so many great authors offering some fantastic promotions; so much so I have two Author Spotlights for October.

I asked Dean to join me as he has just released a 23 book boxed set of Fantasy and Sci-fi books from a group of talented authors and they are available at a super special price on Amazon (more about that shortly). Dean is a US Today Best Selling author and he has kindly offered me a special to share with readers a teaser of his work with. Grab your free copy of Rustkiller, an introduction to Dean’s Sci-fi Western series The Coilhunter Chronicles.

But before we jump to the goodies, I asked Dean a few questions about his work.


Q: Dean, you have an impressive collection of books on your Amazon page. They cover multiple genres so I just wondered what your favourite genre is?

A: That’s not easy, as I like variety, but I’m really enjoying working on the Coilhunter series, which is Science Fiction Western. I just love the grittiness of it, and I like my film noir-esque dialogue. My least favourite of the genres I’ve worked on so far was Urban Fantasy. I think I just don’t like writing in the modern world, even if I’m exploring a fantastical element. I enjoy world-building, so completely different worlds work best for me, like Iraldas (where my Epic Fantasy series is set, and where I’ll eventually explore some Sword and Sorcery) and Altadas (where my Dystopian Steampunk and Sci-Fi Western series are set). This gives me more freedom to tell more unique and interesting stories.


Q: With so many books written, I can’t help but wonder; How long have you been writing?

A: Since I was a child, but I only started publishing in the last few years. My first published novel, The Call of Agon, was a work-in-progress since I was about 13 or 14, and it changed substantially over the course of more than a decade, where I not only discovered who the characters were, and what the story was, but also found my voice and style as a writer. Once that was published, and I reined in some of my perfectionist tendencies, I managed to get the rest of that series out relatively quickly. I typically write and publish three or four novels per year. I’ve tried to do more, but I need some assimilation time to ensure I don’t get burned out. It’s difficult, though, as I’m as impatient as some of my readers, and I have so many ideas and not enough time to get them written.


Q: What got you started with your writing?

A: I always had a love of words and language, and got into writing as a child, working on my first (unpublished) novel at age 11. I was initially inspired by the usual fare of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, both of which have big, developed worlds that can contain many stories. That, I think, tells you a bit about what clicks for me. My first published series, The Children of Telm, is a story that largely revolves around language, so you can probably tell that I enjoy playing with words as much as I do with characters and plot. That’s also the kind of fiction I love to read.


Q: You host a great website that offers readers all sorts of special book offers. Why did you decide to host a separate website from your author site?

A: An author’s success is entirely dependant on his or her readers, so it’s always nice to be able to give something back. That’s one of the motivating factors behind the promos I organise. I started by hosting them on my own site, but they quickly grew too big for it (to the extent that they would crash the web host’s servers). I found I have a knack for organising high-quality promos, and my attention to detail makes them different from what a lot of others offer. With the support of many other sponsoring authors, SFF Book Bonanza now offers monthly prizes of Kindle Paperwhites, $100 Amazon Gift Cards, Gift Baskets, and, every three months, a colossal box of 52 paperbacks from the biggest names in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres. That’s in addition to lots of free or discounted ebooks. Having seen how these prizes bring so much joy to the readers who win them, I’d love to continue doing them long into the future.


Q: Are you a full-time author or like most Indie authors, do you have a ‘day job’?

A: I’m lucky enough to be a full-time author, something I wanted since I was a child. Prior to going full-time, I worked as a technology journalist. That was a totally different style of writing, which, I guess, helped me understand the importance of the economy of words. I definitely prefer writing fiction, though.

Thanks for having me!


To take a look at Dean’s work, you can download a free copy of Rustkiller here.

Dominion Rising, the compilation boxed set of 23 new releases from various authors can be purchased from Amazon here


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