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Author Spotlight with Eileen Hodgetts

The first question I had to ask Eileen when we talked for this interview was how and with which book she made the USA Today best seller list. I was quite surprised to discover the book was a Novella and part of an anthology, but what was even more interesting was the novella was an urban fantasy comedy, written from a stage play Eileen wrote called Phoebe and the Steel City Vampires.

Eileen has offered the first book in her Arthurian series Excalibur Rising (which isn’t at all what you might be expecting) but before we jump to the FREEbie, let’s get to know a little more about Eileen.

Q: What made you choose Arthurian Fantasy as your genre for this series?

I wrote Excalibur Rising because I was inspired by Malory and Tennyson to believe (???) that Arthur was only sleeping and he would return. I have held the story in my head for years. When I was in London a long time ago, I wrote it as a class exercise short story and I have been waiting ever since to fill it out.  I didn’t expect to go to 4 books, but there is just so much story there and the legend has endured for so long, I feel there must be something behind it.  I came up with my own reasons for the story to endure and for the fact that no one has ever been able to find the remains of Camelot and the round table..

Q: Tell us a little bit about where you were born and where you live now.

I was born in the UK, lived in South Africa and spent 15 years working between Uganda and the US. I now live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where I am very happy and part of an exciting new writing movement.

Q: Tell us more about your project.

It’s called Mindful Writing, based on Hindu meditation and it is now increasing in popularity here. We have four groups and are preparing for group 5. We meet at a library, or restaurant or a church, and we do guided meditation for 20 minutes and then we write in silence for four hours. The energy in the room is amazing. Two times a year we have a Mindful Writers Retreat, 5 days in the mountains, with a similar pattern except more writing hours and adding Mindful Meditative walking. It has changed my life and my writing production; I try to hit at least 3 of the groups per week for quality time.

Q: That sounds like a really productive process. I hear you also do a little cooperative critiquing. How does that work?

I am part of a critique group and we meet once a month when we can read at most 4000 words from each member. We receive the material in advance.

Q: You have so much on, wow! What’s your current writing project?

I am now working on a WW2 mystery series featuring crimes that have taken place during WW2 and are solved after the war by Toby Whitby a young British solicitor. So the stories have two settings WW2 Britain and Post-war Britain. As I read the history of the period I am more and more aware that (a) Britain could easily have been defeated in 1940/41 and (b) Britain was more or less bankrupted by the War and the Britain of the early 1950’s was very troubled with rationing still in place and people suffering great hardships.  I try to include both of these views into my new series.  Book One, War Bride, is now released.

To get your FREE copy of Excalibur Rising, just click here.

To see Eileen’s latest release War Bride, just check it out on Amazon here.

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