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Author Spotlight with LJ Andrews

Meet Fantasy Author L.J. Andrews

I know how much you all love to meet other fantasy authors and LJ has a fantastic series of books to get your teeth into. As many of you know, I’m in Australia, so I have no idea of how the holiday season works in your neck of the woods, but for my Aussie readers, its that time of year. Summer is only a few months away and the holiday period needs some nice juicy books to keep you reading.

LJ has kindly offered the first in her latest series The Djinn Kindom free to US buyers and only 99c to Australian readers for a VERY limited few days. Pirate’s Vengeance Book 1 will only be on sale until the 24th September US time but before we take a look at the book, let’s meet LJ.

Q: LJ, you have written quite a few books, when did you get started?

A: I started writing the first book in my Lost Relics series about 5 years ago. I didn’t publish until August of 2016, and ever since then I just can’t stop.

Q: Your fantasy books are written across a number of sub-genres but your focus appears to be Young Adult, what drew you in that direction?

A: I read more teen/Young Adult books typically. I enjoy the tropes found in those books, and I love the coming of age typically found in that genre. Basically since I read them the most, those are the plots that flowed out into my stories.

Q: What is your personal favourite book or series you have written?

A: Oh, this is such a hard one. The Lost Relics series was the first bit of fiction I’ve ever written, so it will always be my baby. I believe it has a great story, mixing magic with science fiction and it gives readers a new setting they can escape to. However, I have just enjoyed every second of the Djinn Kingdom series. I have three books published with two or three more in the works. I love everything fantasy and have a crazy obsession with pirates. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Pirate’s of the Caribbean too many times. The readers reaction has been inspiring. I feel it is a very unique story, that is easy to read and get sucked into quickly…which is why I need to get the other two books out. It doesn’t bode well to leave readers waiting too long 🙂 So in short, I love both series for many different reasons.

Q: Where would you say you find your writing inspiration?

A: By reading other books and sometimes just in quiet moments I’ll get an idea. My husband has also said a few things which have translated into a book, The Djinn Kingdom actually came from a conversation we had together.

Q: How long does it take you to complete a new novel?

A: Now, I can usually finish a full-length novel in 6-8 weeks depending on my kids (school is back in session, prepare for some books) but Rise of a Guardian, as I said earlier, took me about 4 years to write.

Q: What has been the most exciting part of being an author?

A: Seeing an idea come to life inside pages. I love holding my print books, it’s kind of surreal to see something I spent hours, weeks, or even years in my hands with a beautiful cover. But I’m really enjoying meeting so many great readers. I get emails and comments which really brighten my day. I love creating stories people love to read.


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