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Author Spotlight with Melinda Kucsera

I’ve met some very interesting authors with my Author Spotlight articles, but when I asked Melinda a few questions in preparation for this interview I discovered her characters really do have a mind of their own. Melinda has Kindly offered the first book in her series free to all my readers. Grab your copy here and make sure you read it quickly because if you love the series, book 4 is available on pre-order here.

Before you rush off to get your copy, let’s get to know a little more about Melinda and her novels. WARNING! Melinda’s characters can be a little presumptuous so just be prepared people 🙂

Hi Melinda, I was just wondering what made you choose fantasy as your genre?

It chose me. One day when I was small, (not yet in school) a group of fictional characters showed up and invited me to join them on an adventure. I said yes and off we went to a country called Shayari. For years I adventured with these characters and took notes on our journeys. Then one day, I stumbled across the fantasy section of my local library. Reading the blurbs on the backs of those books was an eye-opening experience. I was so excited to find stories like mine and to discover that people liked reading them. Before that, I hadn’t known fantasy books existed. (This was before Harry Potter was published.) After that discovery, the characters I’d adventured with wanted me to write their stories. So I did. Of course writing them wasn’t enough. They demanded years later that I publish them. So I did. I have 3 books out and a 4th on preorder.

We are all driven to write for different reasons. What was your motivation for writing fiction?

Hi Readers! We’ll take this one. (Yes, we’re fictional characters. Yes, we’re muscling in on our scribe’s interview. No, we’re not sorry. No, our scribe doesn’t mind. We do this all the time.) Anywho, we–the cast of the Curse Breaker Series–are our scribe’s motivation. We recently locked her in a tower so she could finish our fourth book. Though, we’re contemplating keeping her in there until she’s finished a few additional books. Who are we really? Well, you’ll have to read Curse Breaker: Enchanted, the first book in our series, to find out. But I’ll give you a hint. The character responding to this question is the main character’s adorable sidekick.  (I also handle our scribe’s newsletter and email account. I’m outgoing like that.)

Wow, you have a crazy little bunch there Melinda. How about you let your ‘Scribe’ get this one guys?  Melinda, what do you love most about writing?

Sorry about that interruption. My characters are a little overzealous. This is Melinda, the scribe, by the way. I love hanging out with my fictional friends and seeing what they will do next as they strive to achieve their dreams and make their world a better place.
Hi Readers! It’s the cast again. We exist when our scribe writes our stories. So we love when she writes. We think she should be a good scribe and go write more adventures for us right now. 😉

When you are not writing, what will we find you doing?

I can do something other than write? Other authors do that? *Melinda spins her chair around and glares at the characters gathered around her laptop. A few warriors finger their swords and one mage conjures a ball of green light on his palm. Beside him, a green-eyed boy reaches past Melinda to type a rebuttal.*
Hi Readers, this is the cast. We don’t let our scribe do anything other than write. Bad scribe, you’re not supposed to want to anything except accompany us on our adventures.

You have your hands full with that cast by the seem of it Melinda. Just wondering, do you have a ‘day job’ and if so, can you tell us a little bit about it?

I’m a project manager for IT.
Not for long, Readers, we (the cast) are working on ending that. We need our scribe to write our adventures 24/7. Because we’re fictional, we don’t need to sleep. Neither should our scribe. We’ve got magic stealing rocks to find, monsters to defeat and bad guys to thwart. We can’t wait until our scribe returns from work to do all that, not if we want to win.

Tell us something your reader might not know about you?

My favorite color is blue, and I can’t write fan fiction to save my life.
Hi Readers, that’s our fault–the fan fiction fumble not our scribe’s favorite color. We don’t allow our scribe to write about any characters that are part of someone else’s universe. There are enough writers out there already tackling that. We need our time in the sun too. So we KO any characters who aren’t with us. 🙂 We like being 100% original. You won’t find anything else like us in bookstores, and we’re proud of that.
Thank you to Fiona Tarr for inviting us and our scribe, Melinda, for an interview. You likely got more than you bargained for, but that’s how we roll–all for one story and one story for all. Stop looking over my shoulder and go write, scribe.  🙂
Thanks for joining me on Atime2write Melinda. All the best with your writing and handling those characters of yours. Don’t forget everyone, Melinda has offered her first book free on Amazon, just click here.

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