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So it Begins, again!

With Book 3 – Legacy of Power set to launch by mid September (final edit due back Monday), I just wanted to let you all know I am right on top of it with Book 4. I have even named it, but its still a secret.

I had anticipated this series had 4 books in it, but I hope you are all happy to discover there are at least 5 if not 6 books in total to finish the Covenant of Grace Series up. It has been a richly rewarding process researching and expanding on these old historical tales. As many of you know, I have a background in theological studies and a keen interest in philosophy; the things of which all good epic/heroic fantasies are made of.

As my writing process has evolved, so too have the untold stories within the tales of the Old Testament. If you have read Seed of Hope you will have gotten to know Nina. She is a complex character and I have found her very interesting to write. In Legacy of Power, her life take a whole new direction and this has given me another story to tell about the line of King David (the totally fictional line that is).

If you have read Destiny of Kings or Seed of Hope, then you might like to get your hands on an advanced reader copy of Legacy of Power – FREE. If so, then please contact me here. Copies are limited and priority will go to those of you who have reviewed one or both of my earlier books. If you have not yet reviewed Destiny of Kings or Seed of Hope, then its not too late.

If you haven’t taken advantage of your 50% off Voucher for Seed of Hope yet, then just click here for details.

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