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Beta Readers for Book 3 – Covenant of Grace Series

It was a really exciting day when I finished piecing together the story and character development in Book 3 of the Covenant of Grace Series. I love jig saw puzzles and making sure that all the threads of a story weave and intertwine at the right times and with the correct and intended meaning is a very special and rewarding time in the writing process for me.

Now, it is over to my team of Beta readers. They have loyally helped me edit my stories to date and I would like to thank them for their valuable time and support. But, this time around, I would love to broaden my Beta Reader team. If you want to be one of the first to read the latest edition in the series, then please let me know by registering here. Just type ‘Beta reader’ as your comment in the contact page.

If you join the team, you will also get to help me decide on the final title from my short list. I think only someone who has read the book can truly help with this.

My Cover Editor has to do some colour changes (orange ski not blue) and he hasn’t had time yet, so hopefully you get the idea. Tell me what you think?

Dreamtime Sample only

Dreamtime Sample only

When the book is ready to release this time around, I will be printing it in paperback in Australia, together with a new release of Book 1 & 2. All will have a slightly different look to the cover, together with an internal facelift.  I am really looking forward to hitting the book stores and libraries in Australia with all three books ready to go.

If you have any feedback on the cover, want to join the Beta team or ask a question about my editing process or anything else. then please comment below.

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