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Big Companies are Run By Us!

Mum and Dad shareholders, Superannuation Funds, Investment Funds all own big companies – You own the big companies so cast your vote.

Not a day goes by on social media where we don’t see someone whinging about the ‘big companies’ the ‘multi-nationals’ raping the world, exploiting slave labour or fixing prices with huge profits. So here is a little news bulletin – It’s our fault, not the big companies fault. You heard right, because most Australian’s have government guaranteed compulsory superannuation policies, (at least those who are not self employed do). Do you know where your superannuation is invested? If you do and it is in environmentally sustainable, socially moral projects then hats off to you, really I mean that.

How big companies began.

The powerful Multi-national conglomerates we see today are new, quite new for the most part. Back when my parents were my age, in the 80’s, mum and dad investors, everyday hard working people were told that pensions would be a thing of the past and that self funded retirement was the key. They were given a carrot they just couldn’t resist. Little did they know the social consequences which would prevail four decades later. They had no idea that share prices would drive companies to make less than moral or socially acceptable decisions about how they ran their businesses. They had no idea that company buy outs would suck the life our of every moderately sized, equitably run business they could find.

We have a choice.

Where are our shares invested? BHP, Woolworths, the 4 Big banks we keep whinging about. Blue chip shares make up a huge amount of Superannuation fund portfolios in Australia. Just take a look at the high growth options, many say ‘International share fund’ or ‘Australian share fund’ after them. Our money pays those corporate salaries we all detests. Our money funds the abuse and exploitation of the less wealthy nations of the world. Our money is used to tear down forests and rip up the ground for mining. If we feel like it, we can change the world we live in, by changing the way we invest. We can invest in cash funds, in mortgage funds, in renewable energy funds, livestock or farming ventures, small business start ups and so many more options.

Next time you see that Facebook post bagging out the big companies, just remember we have a choice. If we vote with our shares, the big companies will change their ways. The price of shares is everything to them and keeping shareholders happy is what motivates them. We can take that proxy vote at any AGM or make our voice heard if we really want to. Do you really want to?

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