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Seed of Hope

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  • Seed of Hope – Book 2  in the Covenant of Grace Series

“It captivates with all the ingredients of a best seller.” Kissablysweet1

“Fiona Tarr has written a very gripping story of love, revenge, and black magic.” Ankita

Seed of Hope will challenge what you believe about Good and Evil and spin a complex web of intrigue as the drama unfolds. The untold story of King David…

4 star Seed New


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What other readers of Seed of Hope are saying:


‘Fiona Tarr did an awesome job at making you guess what’s historically accurate and what isn’t.’

Anne Wuis – Inked Brownies

‘I was so excited when this author finally released her second book Seed of Hope. You can feel the growth of Ms Tarr as an author as this book flows at a faster pace I can’t wait for the next instalment.’

Rachel Ratajczak


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