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Christmas – So Much More than a Holiday

Christmas is not only a gift giving time of year, for me it marks a prelude to the new year ahead. This is the time of year when I frantically work my butt off until the final few hours of Christmas Eve when the retail sector slows down (that is my day job) and nearly everyone goes on a mental holiday.

I want to take this time to wish you and your family a fabulous Christmas and while you are in the craziness of the days ahead, try to focus on the reason for the season. I know, this is such an over used term but even if you don’t celebrate the Christian focus of this time of year, it is still a time to remember what is really important in life. All the gifts in the world can’t replace the love and support humanity can provide for one another, locally or globally.

I personally find I get very emotional at Christmas time. All the Christmas carols and movies, the heartfelt stories of fighting against the odds; they all make me well up and hold back tears. I believe this is an emotional response from my subconscious reminding me of what is really important, what really matters in the end.

If you are like me, you might be feeling something stirring in your soul this time of year. If you are, take a little time out on your own to listen to what is being spoken into your heart. 2016 is your year, so allow the idea to grow and make sure you keep an eye out for opportunities which fit with your dream.

We all have a dream, something which gets us out of bed in the morning. That little ‘thing’ which sparks our passion and drives us forward. For me, my passion or dream is to help build stronger more communicative communities in the home, locally and as far as I can reach. All of my writing; my fantasy novels, small business tips and articles are about helping individuals to be strong, fearless and passionate, but most of all I write so that people might better understand that we are not all the same and that it is these differences which are the best part of being human.

If you have felt a stirring this Christmas, I would love to hear what drives you, what are you passionate about, what you want to do in 2016….

Life is precious - Make the Most of Every Moment!

Life is precious – Make the Most of Every Moment!



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