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Church and State…. Where Do the People Fit?

For three years I walked the fine line between Local Government Youth Services and the Christian Church Mission Outreach. The line was so fine that at times it was extremely difficult to balance on. I want to be very clear that the ideals of both these organisations are not in question, but their methodology quite easily could be.

Now I am not a fully fledged theologian or social worker but being master of neither didn’t prevent me from functioning effectively in a very complex position. Officially my role description was ‘Community Connections Director’ and my job was to build relationships between the local government youth services and the local Christian Church in order to support the community. I honesty thought I was in my element; the perfect job.

This experience was a huge eye opener for me. The local government struggled to embrace my involvement for fear that the Church were trying to help, only to convert souls; while the Church was happy to help out and run programs with local government as long as they could, in fact, attempt to convert souls. In both cases I could see the good that both organisation could yield, not to the government, or to the church but to the people who actually needed the help. Unfortunately Church and State often struggle to work together for the good of the people because both organisations have a type of ignorance to each other and their motives are often misplaced.

The government develop programs which cost money and they need to spend their funding in order to get their funding again and the Church allocate their funding to growing the church in order to have more money to spend on mission. In both cases, they are like businesses who have lost sight of what really matters to people; people matter to people.

I know, I am an idealist. I believe in a faith community and I believe in an over arching government but I don’t believe in blind faith or over regulation. So, I use fantasy to vent my frustration and flesh out these ideals from multiple perspectives. Maybe a no no from a writing point of view but I think it works according to my reader feedback.

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