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Covenant of Grace; What’s the Story Concept?

David really sucked as a God anointed King at times.

What Jehovah was thinking, no one can really be sure. Why he knocked Saul off for David, didn’t make a lot of sense when you think of all the terrible mistakes David made throughout his reign.

He shagged his General’s wife, got her pregnant and then killed said General to cover it up. He turned a blind eye to the rape of one his daughters, by his own flesh and blood and then paid the ultimate price; his sons dropped dead like flies, turning on each other like rabid dogs.

David holds such a hallowed place in biblical history. The line of David is portrayed as the line of Jesus, the Son of God, yet the history of his genealogy is riddled with serious misconduct. Maybe that is the point?

So, the Covenant of Grace series digs deeply into the events which saw the rise and fall of the House of David. It was a sordid time, when corruption was hidden behind the robes of Prophets and Kings and Destiny of Kings, Seed of Hope and Legacy of Power offer a fantastical take on the story behind the man who is said to herald the ancestry of the Son of God himself.

Whether you are a person of faith or not, it doesn’t matter. The bases of all fantasy is filled with spirituality and magic in many ways. The Covenant of Grace Series is all about Corruption, Religious Turmoil, Magic and Relationships; some functional, some not. I have just compiled the first three books into a boxed set and as a special offer for my regular readers, I have the boxed set available on pre-order for only $2.99 USD. That is less than book 3 – Legacy of Power on its own. So if you enjoyed Destiny of Kings, maybe grab the boxed set so you can read book 2 & 3 before book 4 comes out mid 2017.


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PS.. Keep an eye out for the Ehud Dagger Novella. Don’t know what the Ehud Dagger is yet, you had better read book 2 & 3.clipart-smiley-face-with-tongue-out-1vf2dy-clipart

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