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Cover Feedback Survey Results are In

33 Responses and Some Awesome Feedback

First up, thanks to everyone who took the time to give their feedback on covers; my covers in particular. Here is a quick summary of the results.

Less than 20% of you said you buy a book based on its cover, while nearly 80% said that is can affect your decision sometimes.

72% of you like my covers, which was actually great but with 18% not liking them I probably need to consider some minor tweaks in the future.

Thankfully, 10 of you lovely respondents have offered to join my ARC & Cover review team which is fantastic. Keep an eye out as I prepare the final version of Fall of Jericho and draft some cover options.

Fall of Jericho Update

I have written over 38,000 words in my first draft. I’m over half way through my initial plot and I am really excited about where the story is going. It’s so much fun weaving my signature sub-plots into the story and I am dedicating February to finalising my draft ready for my beta readers. That puts me well on track for a May release.

Some Images Just for Fun

I have been searching images for the book cover. Sure, most people know the Old Testament version of Jericho, but as readers would expect, my version is quite a lot more complex than the origonal. For instance, the ancient Canaanites (they lived in Jericho) worshipped the Goddess Asherah and here is a little hint, she has quite a role to play in this story.

So let me know what you think of these pictures of the ‘Goddess’, along with a few pictures of boring city walls; I promise they won’t be boring when I am finished. I have a few ideas in mind for the cover and would love to know if you like any of these pictures.




Favourite Covers

As I work with my cover designer on Fall of Jericho, I would love to see what you consider to be your favourite book cover in the fantasy genre. Comment below with a link to the book or tell me the book and author so I can take a look. This will really help me prepare the best possible cover options for the next book and every book after that.



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3 Replies

  1. Linda Dc

    I really don’t look too much at the cover of a book. I used to go to the library & look at the spines of the books in the genres I liked. Of the pictures you show here I really like the 2nd one. May you enjoy a fabulous weekend!

    1. Fiona Tarr

      Thanks Linda. A lot of readers said they only sometimes chose a book based on its cover, so your not alone in your methods :). I liked all these pictures, so thanks for helping me narrow it down a little.

  2. Sarah

    I like picture 2 best too. The first picture I like but if I saw this on a book cover I’d expect it to be about fairies or angels, not a Goddess. The third one’s also pretty, but feels more light magic than Goddess. Just my personal thoughts of course!! I love the pictures of the “boring city walls” too – I love history so these aren’t boring to me at all!! I especially love the one on the bottom left, just gorgeous!! Have a fantastic week!

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