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Critique isn’t Criticism

Critique isn’t criticism well it is sort of, but in a good way. I had to keep telling myself this fact as I read a review of my second book, Seed of Hope by Anne from @Inkedbrownies. The review offered a detailed critique and I was slightly embarrassed for a moment when I first read it on her website. You can check it out here.

Her feedback got me thinking (I know, scary thought) about the difference between criticism and critique. My first reaction from Anne’s review was OMG she only gave me 3.5 stars. Anne also highlighted a few things which ticked her off and I had to take a deep breath and console myself for only a moment before realising that Anne had in fact done me a big favour. She had not only given a review, but she had also provided me with real and valuable unbiased feedback which I could use and implement to grow as an author.

So another lesson learnt; the difference between criticism and constructive feedback. Also, apparently 3 stars is actually quite good and 3.5 is even better. Thanks for the extra .5 of a brownie (star) Anne. It is very much appreciated.

4 star Seed New

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  1. You’re welcome! 😉 I always try to be fair and objective when it comes to critique. Rating systems are an odd thing these days. But that extra .5 means it’s equal to 4 stars on Amazon because I really did like it.

    It’s a shame when a heap of reviewers out there give 5 stars to everything they didn’t dislike because if I were an author, I’d think, hey, there’s nothing I need to work on anymore because everyone is blown away by it!
    Which will most likely lead to disappointment and shock when someone challenges this thought.

    I think you’re a very talented writer and could make it to the bestseller list with a couple of tweaks! 🙂

    1. Fiona Tarr

      Thanks Anne. You write a very entertaining review and I loved your thoroughly researched background rundown. I will definately be working on the issues you mentioned for future books. It’s been an amazing ride so far….

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