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“Dancing with the Fear”

I recently watched an interview with Seth Godin as he talked about “Dancing with the Fear” which he features in his book V is for Vulnerability. It is amazing how many things we can put off trying for fear of failing. I have often thought fear could be overcome, yet it was very interesting to hear Seth’s take on fear. He claims you can’t actually overcome fear; that it never truly goes away and that learning to dance with it is the best way forward in managing fear. Although this idea resonated with me, it also created a certain level of tension as it rocked my understanding of facing fear.

I have always considered that with faith, be it in yourself, through spiritual faith or the faith in others support, that fear could be overcome. In considering Seth’s point, it is entirely possible that if you lose faith for whatever reason, your fear could return. So in a way, I can see that dancing with the fear is most likely an accurate description as we are sometimes full of faith and other times, drained of hope through fear. All I can say is keep dancing, fear is a persistent partner.

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