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Well the rough draft is finished and I have started my first edit of book three in the Covenant of Grace series. – Yet to be titled.

People often ask me how I go about the writing process; do I plan the whole book chapter by chapter or do I make it up as I go along? Every author is different and after attending the Adelaide Writers Festival this year it became evident that there is absolutely no ‘right’ way to write a book.

It is amazing to sit down and read through your draft for the first time. I often find myself wondering about what I have written because I simply can’t recall having composed it at all. As the story threads begin to weave themselves together I get surprised by my own plot and character development. Yes, I plan my story out in a very basic way. I know pretty much who is going to do what and I usually have a very good idea of what the ending is going to be but no real understanding of how it will unfold.

Writing is a form of escapism for me. I find myself becoming lost in the zone of writing my story, so much so that when I read the draft back I feel like I am reading another authors work. There are complete scenes I have forgotten I wrote. Their are character nuances I didn’t realise were being revealed and there is often personal philosophical truths I didn’t know had come to light. I even shed a little tear from an emotional scene I was editing last night which is crazy because I wrote the scene to start with.

If you have even considered writing then don’t be afraid to try, even if it is for your own pleasure. Writing can unravel your subconscious thoughts as they spill onto the page (or a computer screen) without your knowledge or permission. Allowing your inner self to purge on paper is liberating and it can help you to work through your own personal growth.

Words are powerful and they can last forever if you let them.

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