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E-book Publishing Workshop – Cooroy Library

It was my pleasure to offer a workshop on e-book publishing at the Cooroy Library today. Thanks to everyone who joined in and participated, you were all really great and your questions and contributions were fantastic.

There was so much for us to cover in one session that we couldn’t possibly answer everyones questions thoroughly, but my intention was to ensure that participants were encouraged to keep motivated and move through the barriers that might be preventing them from getting their book/s out into the market place.

In addition, we talked about many of the resources I have investigated over the years and the pros and cons of the different types of publishing options on offer. There was some in-depth conversation about marketing and Indie vs Traditional publishing along with how the industry has changed over the years.

Most of the participants took notes, but I think that it might be great to offer up a summary of some of the links and resources I use and recommended during the session.

Even if you didn’t get a chance to attend, please feel free to add your comments or questions here.

Blogs I Follow

Seth Godin – Social Commentator and all round inspirational speaker

Nick Stephenson – Indie Marketing Professional who offers a totally free video series on how to build your reader list.

Steven Pressfield – Blogger on Indie writing and what it takes. I think this particular article is relevant to our session.

Courses I Recommend

Now I don’t recommend courses I have not done & I truly believe these were cost effective and worthwhile:

Howtopublish – Karen and Katrina are successfully published authors in their own right and their very simple and cost effective course covers e-book formatting, publishing on Amazon including tax and payment processes, book cover and artwork design and so much more. Even if you are not quite ready to publish, get into this course. Membership is for life and I still jump back on and review some of the lessons from time to time.

Barbara Brewster’s Rambunctious Writings Class – Barbara is a vivacious lady who helped me unleash my creativity and belief in my ability to write and write well. Barbara has a class running early in April and is offering my readers and those who participated in the workshop a special discount offer.

Other Resource Links

Liberwriter – Will convert your e-book files for you at a very cost effective price with a professional service and product.

Payoneer – US based US currency mastercard/bank account for Amazon and other US payments to be processed into.

Powered by MailChimp  – Email service provider that offers up to 2000 subscribers totally free. Mailchimp is easily integrated into WordPress and other services including Instafreebie (who I use for my free book promotions).

WordPress – WordPress offer two different versions. I suggest the fully hosted version for authors (click the link to go to Bloggers use the version but it can’t be directed to your actual domain as cleanly and professionally. It also has some limitations with functionality, particularly when integrating with Mailchimp or other mail servers.

E-book Platforms

Amazon KDP is the most common one stop shop for new Indie Authors however I have recently heard of Prounoun who have been effective for some of the authors in the networks I work with. I currently use Draft2Digital and Smashwords to make my books available across other non-Amazon based platforms like Ibooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and more. Ibooks in particular are still a valid sales channel and I have had the occasional sale through Kobo etc.

If I have forgotten something you were keen to know more about, please let me know by commenting below or emailing me. The video will be available on Facebook soon 🙂



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  1. Janine G.

    thanks Fiona..couldnt get to be there but this sure is helpful

    1. Fiona Tarr

      Hi Janine. Sorry you couldn’t make it but it looks like I might be doing another at the Noosa Library in the not too distant future. The event will be announced on my website & Facebook page, so if you still have unanswered questions you can join in then.

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