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Excerpt – The Ehud Dagger Prequel Novella

I wrote The Ehud Dagger for a little fun but also to satisfy a few of my readers who felt a little cheater when I ‘killed off’ one of my popular characters from Destiny of Kings. This little Novella answers a number of background questions and enlightens the reader on some of the history behind The Ehud Dagger which features quite a lot in books 2-4.

The Ehud Dagger will be released in November but in the mean time I thought it might be nice to offer a few little snippets of it over the coming months. Here is excerpt 1.

‘Leave her be Yassib. She is not worthy of you my friend. She is a slave girl.’ Otto waved his hand to dismiss Zandra and the young woman tried to make her way past the soldier.

‘I will find you later. You have the prettiest eyes.’ Yassib whispered as he dropped the arm blocking Zandra’s way, but not before grabbing her around her waist and squeezing her bottom as he pulled the frightened young woman into his embrace.

Zandra could smell the stale wine on his breath and there was left over food in his beard as though it had not been cleaned in a month. She pulled her face away and looked back over her shoulder at Otto, silently begging him to stop the man.

‘I told you Yassib, she is scared and ugly, you have others to choose from. Let her be.’ Otto beckoned another girl forward and pointed for her to entertain Yassib.

The soldier rubbed himself up against Zandra, continuing to grab at her backside before letting her leave. The young woman almost leapt from the tent as the noise of giggling and cursing chased her.


As a special offer, I am also giving away FREE copies of The Ehud Dagger until its release in November. If you would like to get your copy, all you need to do is review any of the books the dagger features in.

Just send me a link to your review here and I will get your FREE Novella out to you ASAP.


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