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Fall of Jericho – It Has Begun!

Fall of Jericho – It Has Begun!

People often read my books and ask me where I get my ideas and inspiration from, so I thought I might guide you through the writing of my latest book Fall of Jericho as I go. I am 10,000 words into the story (about 15% done) but the process begun well before the first words ever hit the paper (computer screen actually). It’s from here on that the momentum builds and I get excited about different characters and sub-plots within the main over arching story. See already I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning….

Where Do I Get the Idea?

I start with well known Old Testament Bible stories (because they are full of intrigue, politics and turmoil) and narrow down which ones might have a theme that rings true in the current world view climate. Once I select the winner, I get out my NIV/The Message side by side version of the bible and read the story, usually from start to finish. While I read the passages I let my imagination loose and consider things like the political environment of that time. The culture towards God, leadership, women and more. This usually starts me on the road to filling in the plot and developing the main characters.

The great advantage of using a Bible story is the ending is already known. It’s like rewriting the stories of Greek Mythology or the Roman Empire. These recounts are pieces of history and the outcomes are fixed, but the story in between is up to me and that’s the fun part.

Follow this series as I write Fall of Jericho. Next I will share a little about how I go about my research. You might wonder why a fantasy author needs to research but its the authenticity of all the little intricacies that I believe bring authority to my stories….

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