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Finding an Editor or Cover Designer

Someone recently read a draft of my first book – Destiny of Kings. He said it was great and that he really enjoyed it. He also said that I should not be afraid to invest some money into developing the book. His advise was very timely because I had been considering doing a short run of 250 copies of both book 1 & 2 in the Covenant of Grace Series.

I was both flattered and encouraged by his words, but I also had some questions. How could I find a quality editor and cover designer? Where should I spend my money to get the best return on investment? There are many vanity publishers out there willing to take my money, but not return me anything of value. There are few online courses or editors I trust but I recently stumbled onto an article by Joanna Penn. She has a list of reliable resources I found very helpful and I thought I might share them with you.

Editors Joanna Trusts:

Cover Designers Joanna Trusts:


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