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Finding an Honest Politician!

I know, try not to laugh. This is my monthly soap box moment, you will get used to them.

Would any politician be in politics if they were paid half as much, had the standard amount of superannuation we all get and didn’t have a travelling or expense allowance to die for?

There was a time, well we all hope there was, when politicians took up the profession to help people, for the betterment of their community and country. It wasn’t very long ago in Australia, when tax payer funds were never used for election campaigns (or slinging mud at the opposition) and parliament had half as many politicians.

In a time where economies are fragile, the Australian electorate now has to deal with politicians who think that Robbie Williams concert tickets for the family are parliamentary expenses (tax fraud last time we checked) and private jets and helicopter flights are clocking up budgetary expenses in abundance.

Apart from an expense account overhaul, it might just be time for an overhaul of how we do politics in this country. Time for a productivity payment system with a retainer, where no political advertising is paid for by the tax payers and we actually vote based on real policies, rather than how much dirty laundry gets aired by opposing parties.

There is no doubt that being a politician can’t be an easy job and they often catch their fair share of flack, but it was always intended to be a position of service to the community, not a highly paid profession. Maybe it is time we got back to real government for the right reasons.





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