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God is in the Details – Or is He?

‘God is in the details!’ This saying has been around for sometime and often been adapted to ‘The Devil is in the Details’.

Actually, I don’t think God is in the details. I think God is a big picture kind of guy and when humans try to make sense of Him, we get bogged down with the details. These details create friction and intolerance between communities of faith, which makes me more inclined to believe the colloquial saying is actually correct, it is ‘The Devil’ who is in the details, not God.

A little over seven years ago I left my work in main stream religion. I was hurt, with feelings of being outcast for my lateral thinking of faith. I had worked in the community development arm of the Christian church and seen both the church and the government work their agendas with me constantly trying to bridge the gap. One day I realised that both had the best intensions, but both organisations were too caught up in the details to really trust each other. Like the apostle Paul, I shook the dust off my feet and was led in a totally new direction. A new business, a new home, new friends, new community. Everything changed and in the midst of this, I began a journey with creative writing.

It took over six years and many tense hours of friction between what I had to do and what I wanted to do (especially towards the end), but my first historical fiction novel was finished. With a completed book, I needed a platform for promotion so a blog seemed like a perfectly sensible option. I had already blogged for work and for small business tips, so a writers blog was a natural progression. I couldn’t have been more overwhelmed. Both my work blog promoting the families small business and my small business tips blog were simple, straight forward communication blogs. This one was so different and it has taken me time (and a course with Jeff Goins) to finally start to nut out what I really want to say here. The idea of Faith not Fear came from the content of my novel and has grown since then into a challenge for me. Recently in view of the friction between some of the world mainstream religions, I thought this subject could do with more unpacking. A number of questions have led me to this point. Christian’s don’t have a monopoly on God, He was around long before Jesus was born on this earth, so where is He in world culture and religion? All the little details which world religions argue about are destroying the fabric of God’s love.

This blog is a journey of discovery for me. A chance to join with like minded people who might be frustrated with the friction and tension which exists between the many and varied understandings of faith and spirituality which exist in this world. I am seeking the similarities between world religions. Forget the details, only pain and suffering are found in the details. Let’s look for the similarities, those things which bring all understandings of faith together.



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