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Heir of Vengeance – Release Date!

Covenant of Grace Series Complete

I am really excited to let you all know that I have finished the Covenant of Grace Series with the final instalment due for release in June. Now I am not sure I am entirely ready to let King David and especially General Martinez and Francesca go forever, but for now the series is complete so you can read book 4 with confidence, knowing you won’t be left with a horrid cliffhanger and have to wait another year to see it resolved.

For everyone who loved Jonathan from book 1 – well you will be happy to know I have just finished a Novella about him and how he came into possession of the Ehud Dagger (from book 2 & 3). The book is with my Beta Team at the moment & should be ready to release sometime before the end of the year.

I will likely be diversifying a little in the future to write a book or two 🙂 about Nina and the Shiloh Priestesses but for now I would like to continue delving into the old biblical stories and fleshing them out with real characters. I have an eye on Joshua and the fall of Jericho and I am in the middle of some deep research right now. By this time next year, you should see another book ready to go.

To help keep me motivated over the next writing phase, how about considering reviewing one of my books 🙂 – Reading reviews is very encouraging and I always value the feedback.

Destiny of Kings

Seed of Hope

Legacy of Power





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2 Replies

  1. Gail

    I’m trying to download the free copy of “Destiny of Kings” but can’t find the place to let you know where to send it. The one place I tried said I had already subscribed. What am I over looking?

    1. Fiona Tarr

      Hi Gail

      Really pleased to hear you have tried to get a copy of Destiny of Kings. Sorry you are having issues. This message usually means that you have subscribed but may not have confirmed the subscription. I have checked my mail list & you are not yet fully subscribed. If you check your spam folder, you should find the confirmation email. Once we confirm we have the right email etc, you will get the copy of the download link.

      If you have any further hassles, I might be able to manually subscribe you and send the email, so let me know if you can’t find the confirmation email. Thanks for taking the time to contact me and I am sorry about the delay, I live in Australia and was asleep when your comment came in 🙂

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