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How to bring the holiday home

How can you make everyday, just like your holidays? You know what I mean, when you are on holiday nothing is urgent (except catching your plane on time), everything happens as and when you feel like it and you can plan or just wing it if you like. Well at least this is the case for me. I know it always takes me three days to wind down on holiday, but once I do, I am way more chilled about nearly everything. Every time I take a good break, I always promise myself I will take the lifestyle back with me when I go home. As yet, it has never happened, not in a lasting way.

So I started to think about why I struggle to transfer holiday life to everyday life. What is the difference? My husband is still with me, sometimes the kids are and sometimes they are not, but that is the same at home with teenage and adult children in my life. I live in one of the most beautiful places with long white sandy beaches and awesome scenery, so no excuses, there is plenty to do. I know, work is the difference, but that doesn’t really cut it because work is still there even on holidays, I am just giving myself permission to relax more about it. So if nothing is really different, the only thing which can be different at home is my attitude. I know I can get bogged down with work and other stresses and simply don’t make the time to just chill out. I am still in that three day wind down mode all of the time. I often only get a one day weekend, so I need to learn to shorten the wind down time; but how?

Just like a new years resolution, I am once again promising myself to enjoy more of everyday at home. This time, I am not just saying it, I am planning to make it happen. Much like taking a holiday, I need to research what I have not seen in my area including national parks and those destinations which tourists would put on their must see list. There are activities we do like kitesurfing and surfing which we can plan to fit in wherever possible. Now all that is left is to make the time in my schedule, just like a holiday. Mark it on the calendar, ensure the business is set to run without me at least one extra day a week and just do it.

Planning to have fun is very hard for me. I try not to make plans on my ‘off work time’ because I am always planning for work and it just seems like more work, but I now understand this simply limits the amount of fun I can have. Just like a holiday, if I plan to do lots, I will enjoy a lot. If I plan to do nothing I still planned for it, so I should enjoy it. I can always alter the plans to suit the weather or other factors. I have always thought of weekends as a time to rest and refresh, I had just never considered that to make the most of the time off, I might actually need to plan for it.

This year, I am going to have the best beach tan, the blondest sun bleached hair and the most relaxed mindset I have had since I was sixteen. Let’s just hope I can take my own advice. As a minor control freak, driven personality and small business owner with two kids, I will let you know how that goes.

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