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Interview with Lucy on BlondeWriteMore

Intriguing name for a site; Lucy Mitchell recently interviewed me for her site. Lucy writes about the highs and lows of writing, in her case as a blonde :).

Lucy posed some really good questions and we both received quite a lot of feedback about my most recent interview. If you are curious, take a look here.

Being Interviewed

When I first started out as an Indie writer, I realised that I couldn’t just write and hide as I had first hoped. Now virtual interviews are not as nerve racking as the live ones, but they are still challenging. You have to lay a little honestly on the line and that’s enough to make anyone feel slightly vulnerable.

But…. Big But here. Being honest and vulnerable is authentic and something you need to be willing to do to reach your readers on a real and tangible level. At the end of the day, writers are real people, with real world struggles and even if your readers don’t find that fascinating, other Indie Authors will.

A photo by Dustin Lee.

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