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“It’s All About Me!” Isn’t Good – Especially in Politics

Our online, cheapest possible, doesn’t have to last, materialistically focussed mindset is providing us with the worst politicians in history.

The very same mindset which is seeing our local economies falter due to an online bargain hunting mentality and a disregard for local community jobs and businesses is the same focus which will see the quality of our government continue to fall.

Australian Politics

Why did you vote for one politician over another? In many cases it was because they promised you something you wanted. The only concern being, as an affluent society, what we want is rarely what we need for long term sustainability.

Way of Life

Australians came from tough beginnings, yet now most average middle class Australians have a pretty good life. In order to maintain that lifestyle we need good hospitals, education, community services, a reduced crime rate and a healthy environment.

If focussing on what we want when voting isn’t working, what will?

So How do we Vote?

How about we vote for politicians who don’t promise us what we want, but what we need? Sure more money in our pockets would be great, but if the next week some poor homeless kid steals our wallet or we have to fork out money for medical bills then what is the point?

Let’s vote for politicians who can help the homeless kids which in turn could reduce crime. Let’s vote for maintaining the health system and providing community services which support broken families.

Let’s not vote for politician’s who support their own pay rises and perks at a time when they can’t maintain pensions, defence force wages and the health system.

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