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When I am not writing, I run a business together with my husband and two sons. Being self employed is nothing new to me and I love being my own boss but at times, running our own business can get tough.

My resolve was recently seriously challenged when one of my long time local customers decided to buy an item from overseas because it was cheaper. Of course it was cheaper; cost of living, wages, rent and everything else is cheaper over seas but our quality of life is the envy of nations worldwide. Sorry, that was a rant…..Anyway, safe to say I found this a real slap in the face and was quite upset at first. We had the very same item in stock, had employed his own flesh and blood in the past and we had always done our best to provide great service to the local community and here he was chasing the best possible price.

It is hard to not take these moments personally and it is even harder to keep doing the right thing, even when you feel hurt. I stewed on this over a number of days before remembering my own motto.

‘The only person you can control in this life is yourself’.

I could have continued to allow my hurt to fester, but that wasn’t going to do me or my future customer relationships any good at all. I had to control my own outlook.

Chin up honey……It is only money……Long term relationships should never be lost over money……

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