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I’ve Tried to Blog, but I don’t Like it

You know when you go to a party and someone is making idle conversation but they don’t really have anything important to contribute to the conversation, well that’s what blogging feels like to me.

I write fantasy books, I don’t write blogs. Sure, if I have something important to tell you about like an up and coming event I am involved in I will blog about it. For instance, I have been asked to present on e-book publishing at the Noosa Library on the 22nd March and I will be part of the Cooroy Library’s pop up book store at the Fusion Festival in May, but I really don’t see the need to post daily or weekly just for the sake of it. So I hope you understand when I go silent on my blog for a while.

Rest assured if anything really exciting happens in the world of writing or books, like I suddenly sell a few thousand copies or Richard Branson personally endorses my books or there is a massive give-away you can’t afford to miss out on I will let you know, I promise.


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