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Jeff Goins Helps Me Find My Voice

I have joined Jeff Goins to participate in his 21 Day blogging Challenge and today is Day 1. My Small Business blog was realtively easy to find a voice for. To blog about my experience in small business, simple. On the other hand, this writers blog has been a challenge for me in so many ways. Yes, I promote my novel here and will continue to share thoughts on my fiction writing, but this blog means more to me than promotion. Over the six years it took me to write Destiny of Kings I started to see a pattern emerging but I still couldn’t quite put my finger on what my real voice was. My book focussed on the tension between different religions, cultures and spiritual understandings. As the story evolved, I began to realise there were a few issues in our society which called me to action; the discord amongst world faiths being just one. I can get a little vocal about issues which frustrate me, yet I needed to find out if other people see the world as I see it. We live in a modern world with its lack of tolerance, flexibility and willingness to allow people to believe, work, learn and develop independently and productively without being forced, moulded or conformed in a particular way.

I have been writing about faith, not fear and I have been a little afraid all along. Afraid that if I shared what I really get feisty about, people might not understand or like what I am writing. Well I might not be able to keep everyone happy, but I need to be true to my voice. A matter of Faith, not Fear is about finding faith in ourselves, our children, our communities, our  understanding of divinity, religion or spirituality. It is about having the strength and courage to stand up for everyones right to believe what they feel they need to believe and respecting them for their own choices. It is about fostering courage, faith and freedom in anyone willing to listen.

We are so very lucky, in ways we really don’t appreciate or fully understand. Yet we are fostering fear. Fear of other religions, fear of violence and abuse, fear of failure, fear of being individual or different. We need to bury the fear and find faith before fear takes control of us all.

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  1. You’ve given me something new to think about. Thanks

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