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Legacy of Power – Pre-order for only 99¢ Now!

I am really excited to announce the pre-order of my third book in the Covenant of Grace Series. I am sorry for the delay in release, but as a special thank you for being so patient, I have set the book at only 99¢ until its official release on the 15th September.

Legacy of Power

So you can grab your copy early at a super discount as the release price will be $4.99 after the 15th. To preorder your copy for only 99¢, just order online at Amazon. Alternatively, if you have read Destiny of King or Seed of Hope and have added your review to Amazon, you can join my ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) Group and get your copy now, FREE.

Just click here and tell me where and when you did your review and I will send the Book Funnel ARC link to you. I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the latest instalment.


All things happen for a reason….

A failed assassination draws general Martinez deeper into a political power struggle.

Martinez’s son has been missing from birth. Unbeknownst to the General, the boys life now hangs in the balance.

The children of prophecy have been revealed; as the forces of darkness begin the hunt.

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