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Living with the tension

If only I had more time…..

I just read an article from Seth Godin ‘Just leave me alone to do my work’ and not long ago finished a book by Jeff Goins called The In-Between; both of these got me thinking. I do that occasionally. For quite a while I struggled to find the time to write regularly with all my other roles in life; small business owner, mum, investment manager, wife, freelance writer….. Then I reached the point where I became focused on writing and finally made up my mind to find the time. My first novel was finally released and I am now nearly half way through my second.

If what you want is really important to you, you will find the time. You might have to live with the tension of waiting for a while, but it is up to you to make up your mind. Seth’s article suggests that those people who manage to closet themselves away to write without distraction are probably inefficient with their time in any case. I think he might be right. I am most efficient when I am juggling multiple balls…..How about you?

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