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Meet Autumn M. Birt

The world of free books can be a little overwhelming at times. My husband George downloads them regularly in search of new authors, but finding time to check out all the options on offer & tossing some pretty ordinary ones aside can be time consuming.

Now that doesn’t mean I intend to stop offering you the Instafreebie & Bookfunnel Freebies because I join in with them regularly, but; If you are a little time poor this month, why not take a look at Autumn’s free book (after you read my latest release Heir of Vengeance of course 🙂

Autumn and I have teamed up because we both write fantasy books with similar themes and we thought our readers might enjoy discovering another author of fantasy. So click the image to download your free book.

A little bit about Autumn

To get to know Autumn, I asked her a few quick questions and was blown away by her unique journey.

How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

A. I’m newly 43. lol.

Where do you live?

 A. That is actually a tough question.
At the moment, I would say the United States. Last year, I left my full time job as a conservationist for the NRCS – Natural Resource Conservation Service (my last day was on my 42nd birthday!) and my husband and I sold our off-grid cabin in Maine that we built ourselves. Literally. It is so off grid we used our Jeep Wrangler as a generator to power saws and even resorted to cutting big beams with a chainsaw. Despite how rough that sounds, it was a lovely little cabin and selling it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
But I’ve always wanted the freedom to roam across the world and I wasn’t getting any younger (or really richer) so we went all in and sold just about everything. We outfitted an old Landcruiser, named Nemo after our 15yo Cairn Terrier we lost last fall) for Overland travel. So far we’ve been up to Labrador and Newfoundland on the Translab highway, down to Myrtle Beach for the winter, and catching up with family and old friends (crazily, scarily, enough, both my husband’s mom and my dad were diagnosed with cancer in the same month last year. It has been such a huge thing to have months we can visit and help!). Plans are right now to clean out our storage unit down to those last precious things and head west this summer, hopefully down to Baja this winter, and after that… well, hopefully find a way of making this all sustainable or finding a community we fall in love with and want to settle down again. 🙂

What started you on the fantasy writing road?

 A. Anne McCaffrey!
I found a short story on dragon impression on Pern in the library of my Junior High School around 7th Grade. I’d read fairy-tales and such before, but never all out fantasy. OMG, I fell in LOVE. And haven’t looked back since. I was a speed reader in high school, devouring books before class and polishing off novels in a day no problem. I won a writing contest in high school, but didn’t take it too seriously (I was strongly into Physics and Studio Art!). But I picked away at pieces until my husband found something I’d written years before. He liked it and encouraged me to keep going. And when I did, and settled on fantasy writing, I was even more in love. Now it is a passion and obsession. I’m happiest on days I write and feel a little empty when I’m between stories. Even if the internet crashed and we were back to traditional publishing (or some dystopian future where printing books just wasn’t the biggest focus), I’d keep writing because I love creating solid plots, great characters who are like best friends, and spending time on adventures with them.

All my books are listed on my website at I have two non-fiction books written with my husband, a travel writing book and one about our life in a yurt, in Maine, in the winter! My main book/writing website is at but that will soon be moving back to my original website of because all of my writing tips, workbooks, coaching, and courses will be at their new home of hopefully by the end of May! Occasionally I’ll remember to update our current travel blog at (I should mention I have a Cairn terrier, Ayashe – Chippewa for “Little One” – who goes everywhere with us!).

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