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Mishka Jenkins reviews Destiny of Kings

Mishka Jenkins is an Indie Author who continues to support others like herself in the pursuit of their passion for writing. Mishka recently reviewed my debut novel, Destiny of Kings on her blog – giving it a 4 star rating on Goodreads and Amazon. Mishka made a note of some editing errors which were the only reason she didn’t give the book 5 stars. I was really encouraged by this review and appreciate her honest feedback. With this in mind, I have sent my book to a professional editor who should have completed the book in a few weeks. I will then be re-publishing the e-book versions and will notify my readers on this blog when it goes live. If you have the existing e-book version, simply update to the new one via your download option. I am still considering if I will re-publish the paperback at this time; that will depend on demand.

This is my first novel and I have been amazed at how helpful so many other authors have been in encouraging, supporting and re-directing me along the way. Editing is one of the major expenses of Indie publishing, however I can really see the value now and will ensure my future novels are edited from day one. Thanks Mishka.

Check out Mishka’s review online and take a moment to see the many books Mishka has released.

Detiny of Kings

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  1. It is really a brilliant book and I enjoyed reading it! Definitely one that will be staying on my kindle for a re-read at some point 🙂

    1. Thanks Mishka. Your review has been really encouraging and I am over half way through the first draft of the sequel. It is called ‘Seed of Hope’ I will get a copy to you once the professional edit in done 😉

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