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People often believe that artists are addled brained individuals who randomly throw their imagination, be it words, photos, drawings or ideas, out into the world. That might work for the rare few, but most writers, painters, photographers, actors or artistically minded people need to carefully plan their work.

After two published novels and a third in production, I am finally getting into the groove of the process. Legacy of Power, book 3 in the Covenant of Grace Series has been the most thoughtfully planned novel in the series and has made me very thankful for all my years of administration and business management experience.

Legacy of Power has made it through the Beta reading stage relatively unscathed and is heading for my proof editor for some serious grammar and spelling work. The power of the internal spell checker might run strong in my family, but unfortunately I didn’t inherit the skill. I am in the process of sourcing a story polisher and this time, I am hoping to be patient enough to see if I can get past the 4 star hump and finally produce work worthy of a 5 star review or even a publishing deal ;). Meanwhile, my cover design will be finalised ready for self publishing (plan B).

Now if you thought writing a story was all a writer did then you haven’t been paying attention. While all this finalising is going on, I have been busy promoting and sourcing reviews for book 2 – Seed of Hope, writing blog articles and networking with a few local authors as well as my online community.  There is a little piece of me that wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, if you have not read book 2 – Seed of Hope yet, or you have and would like to offer a review, then please check out these links. I have dropped the price on Seed of Hope for the rest of May.

Seed of Hope on Amazon

Seed of Hope on Smashwords

Seed of Hope on Goodreads



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