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Multiple P.O.V. Books – What’s your Opinion?

After attending the Adelaide Writer’s Festival recently I began to ponder my writing style just a little. You know, that insecure little voice inside your head telling you that you can do better. One of the little voices kept criticising my habit of writing in multiple POV (points of view). Now from all accounts, most of my readers follow the story easily and enjoy the style, but I would love to know if you have found it distracting or over done.

If you enjoyed the multiple POV of my first or second book and you are on Goodreads, then please jump on this link & add Book 1 – Destiny of Kings to the Multiple POV list.

If you found them labour some, I would really love to know as I will soon have my first draft ready for book 3 and as I work through the initial edit I can keep your feedback in mind. Comment below or contact me here.

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