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A re-telling of the story of King David. Where religious turmoil & dark magic reign. The Covenant of Grace Epic Fantasy Series is finished. Start your journey today with book 1 – Destiny of Kings FREE.

Libertarianism, Liberalism, Anarchism, Legalism and our Regulated Society.

I am sure we can find a few more ‘ism’s’  to describe different philosophical ideas on how society could or should be managed, but let’s just take a little look at these four and see how the modern world stacks up against them all. Libertarianism The term libertarianism originally referred to a philosophical belief in free will. The […]

Where is Faith in the Modern World?

In some parts of the world, religion is growing rapidly. Christianity has been spreading through Africa at a rapid rate, yet where is religion in the modern world? Are educated and wealthy nations seeking something else? The Stats Statistics say that over 33% of the world is Christian (across multiple disciplines and doctrines), while nearly […]

5 Ways to Fight Frustration!

What is Frustration? Frustration is a type of fear. The fear of losing control. The inability to bring about the outcome you want, now! Frustration comes from that feeling you get when your dreams are put on hold. When your mind tells you that you may never reach your goals or get another opportunity. Fight […]

You Can’t Please Everyone….. So Stop Trying!

You can’t please everyone…. So stop trying. My insecure little ego tells me I should be able to please everyone. I should be able to juggle all the balls at once and keep everyone happy. I can’t be sure if this is a learnt behaviour or maybe it is just who I am, but it […]

Guest Interview with Chris Graham – The Story Reading Ape

Chris Graham, or maybe you know him better as Chris the Story Reading Ape has just published a guest author article about my writing and the recent release of my debut historical fiction novel Destiny of Kings. Chris has been very helpful in supporting Indie Authors as they navigate the crazy world of self publishing. […]

The Farmer’s Wife – Horses Have a Mind of their Own!

Horsing Around Other than school camp, I had never ridden a horse before George (my husband) convinced me to learn to ride. At camp the instructor had told me I had great posture for riding which gave the horse the impression I knew what I was doing. I felt very proud of this as a […]

3 Simple Ways to Overcome Fear!

Fear can be debilitating at times and often stops us from trying new challenges. I remember when I was learning to kitesurf. Yes, fly the kite & ride a board on the water all at the same time. Apart from the seemingly overwhelming risk factors people associate with the sport; which are often due to […]

God is in the Details – Or is He?

‘God is in the details!’ This saying has been around for sometime and often been adapted to ‘The Devil is in the Details’. Actually, I don’t think God is in the details. I think God is a big picture kind of guy and when humans try to make sense of Him, we get bogged down […]

Turns Out Professional Editing is a Must Have.

I thought I could launch my first book without a professional edit. Seriously, I felt I was a good writer. I had presented uni papers with high grades and I could write newspaper articles, business submissions and blog posts all day. So why would I need a professional edit? For most people who read my […]

The Journey or the Destination?

I am, and always have been a destination orientated kind of person. I often berate myself for not taking enough time out to enjoy the journey. I have always wondered why the destination is so important to me and an interesting event helped me clarify my thinking recently. Some friends visited us for a short […]