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A re-telling of the story of King David. Where religious turmoil & dark magic reign. The Covenant of Grace Epic Fantasy Series is finished. Start your journey today with book 1 – Destiny of Kings FREE.

Linzè Brandon Features Destiny of Kings

Linzè Brandon has kindly featured my debut book Destiny of Kings on her blog. Check out the interview and see what else Linzè has been reviewing.

“Dancing with the Fear”

I recently watched an interview with Seth Godin as he talked about “Dancing with the Fear” which he features in his book V is for Vulnerability. It is amazing how many things we can put off trying for fear of failing. I have often thought fear could be overcome, yet it was very interesting to […]

Mishka Jenkins reviews Destiny of Kings

Mishka Jenkins is an Indie Author who continues to support others like herself in the pursuit of their passion for writing. Mishka recently reviewed my debut novel, Destiny of Kings on her blog – giving it a 4 star rating on Goodreads and Amazon. Mishka made a note of some editing errors which were the […]

Control is an Illusion!

There are so many situations we can’t control in our world. We often delude ourselves that we are in control but realistically we can’t control the economy, the environment, how people might treat us or most other things really. The only aspect of our lives we can control is ourselves and how we react to […]

The Farmer’s Wife – Cow’s Don’t Really Understand English!

Have you ever stared down a cow? While we were share farming in Victoria, we would sometimes tend to the young heifers on adjustment blocks. These young cows were usually around eighteen months or so old, in calf and growing fast; ready to have their first calf and join the milking herd. They were big […]

My Thoughts About Marketing for Independent Authors

Great thoughts in this blog post for new Indie Authors.

Smashwords Author Interview

Smashwords offer all new authors the chance to do a little interview. Here is a link to mine:

Destiny of Kings – Live on Smashwords

Destiny of Kings is now available on Smashwords This will soon make the book available through Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo among others, which I am really excited about.  

The Farmer’s Wife – Raging Bull!

I was pregnant with our first son and we had been working long hours, trying to get ahead financially. This included George spending a lot of time cutting hay on neighbouring properties. To save him some time and to keep the milking on schedule, I jumped on the motorbike (four wheeler of course, keeping my […]

An Interview with Kev

Kevin Cooper interviewed me recently for his blog,  thanks Kev. I really enjoyed the questions posed. You can view the interview on Kev’s blog site; check out some of his work while you are there.