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The Farmer’s Wife – Four Wheeled Motorbike Art

Four wheeled motorbikes have been designed to ride on all four wheels, preferably at all times. Now I have already explained my preference towards four wheeled motorbikes rather than two wheelers, but the reason I chose them was they were supposed to be more reliable and easier to ride. It just so happens that is […]

Positive People!

Positive people don't suck the life out of you, negative people do.

What are you Afraid of?

Are you crippled by fear? Or do you fear nothing? At the root of fear is often the fear of failing. Some people worry about losing their money – losing love – or sustaining a permanent injury. A young guy I know is an extreme sports person. He skates downhill with a full face helmet […]

The Farmer’s Wife – Truck Driving Lesson

Truck Driving….Double D clutch!…..Hay Pick Up?….Seriously!!! We had not been married very long, when George’s parents went away for a short break. No biggy! We were more than capable of running the farm on our own. The only problem was the irrigated Lucerne hay had just been baled and we needed to pick it up […]

Destiny of Kings Paperback Release!

Amazon have released the paperback version of Destiny of Kings today. For a limited time, they are offering it on special at visit to buy – or – It should be available on very soon. If you have already read the Kindle version you can download the revised edition for free for […]

Cow shit all over my head, running down my back.

Have you ever had cow shit on your head? Runny, green, grass filled, warm and steaming cow poop. Not many people have, but I have. For the full story……   The Farmer’s Wife is a series of short stories about some of the moments which shaped who I am today. It highlights how planning and […]

Education or Indoctrination?

Is our current education system offering education or indoctrination? The later is usually associated with religious or political ideals. As schools are generally getting bigger, they appear to be becoming less able to offer students the freedom to learn without indoctrinating them into the system. Or maybe they never were. Those who can’t be indoctrinated, […]

The Farmer’s Wife – Motorbike Moment

I remember learning to ride George’s motorbike. It was a two wheeled Suzuki ER 185cc, bright yellow and covered in mud, or was it cow shit. Probably both. It was aged beyond its years from some seriously tough farm work. I had been going ok, getting the hang of it quite nicely.   The Farmer’s […]

The Farmer’s Wife – Hay Carting Initiation

Farming and hay carting seem to go hand in hand, so it was only going to be a matter of time before I experienced the joys of the job. Now for the novice out there, hay carting takes place late spring and through summer, often during the hottest, driest part of the season………. The Farmer’s […]

Destiny of Kings launched on Amazon

All my friends and family, especially all those who helped edit and produce the book can get a copy for Kindle at a special introductory price of approximately $1.37 AUD or 99cents USD on Amazon until the end of June. All reviews on Amazon would be very much appreciated. Paperback copies will be available on […]