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A re-telling of the story of King David. Where religious turmoil & dark magic reign. The Covenant of Grace Epic Fantasy Series is finished. Start your journey today with book 1 – Destiny of Kings FREE.

The Farmer’s Wife – Meet the Parents

I recall the first visit to the farm. I was excited as George’s old valiant AP6, with its spotted paint job and touched up rust, no seat belts, low bucket seats and wide mag rims rattled its way down the very rough track to his family farm. That was the main road, we still had […]

Is Truth Subjective?

I spent much of my late childhood, teens and early adulthood, believing that the world could be pretty simple if everyone just told the truth and did the right thing. You know what I mean. It is either black or white, wrong or right, isn’t it? This has probably been the longest learning curve of […]

The Farmer’s Wife – How it all Began

When I was preparing to leave school, if you had told me I would marry a dairy farmer and live on a farm, surrounded by cows, hay and cow shit. Wearing japara jackets and wellington rubber boots, I would have thought you were crazy. Yet, a year later I met a guy at a youth […]

Tolerance – What would life be like if we all had it?

I don’t know about you, but I would like to think the world would be an awesome place if we could all foster tolerance. So what is tolerance and why is it so hard to find? The wikipedia definition goes like this “Tolerance or toleration is a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, […]

Welcome to my writers Blog

With my first book due to be self published shortly, I thought it was time to launch my own writers blog. As I have a broad interest in writing, this blog will play host to many and varied subjects, but will also act as a platform to present my work as it become available. I […]