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Then download your FREE copy of Book 1 – Destiny of Kings. Just tell me where to send it….

Legacy of Power – Pre-order for only 99¢ Now!

I am really excited to announce the pre-order of my third book in the Covenant of Grace Series. I am sorry for the delay in release, but as a special thank you for being so patient, I have set the book at only 99¢ until its official release on the 15th September. So you can […]

5 Stars For Seed of Hope – Melanie Adkins

I am really excited to share my first 5 star review for Seed of Hope. As book 3 – Legacy of Power enters final preparations to go on pre-sale, I am totally wrapped to hear Melanie enjoyed book 2 so much. Melanie Adkins is an award winning book reviewer and I feel quite privileged to have had […]

Creativity = Change = Fear!

Being creative, invariably leads to change. It is unavoidable. New ideas, new ways of doing business, new plans for the future, new discoveries, new inventions they all lead to change. The only problem is many people struggle with change, so they often dismiss their creativity out of a sense of fear. What new and creative […]

Learning from Others

‘Being unique is a great way to hide from the change we need when someone offers us a better future. Learning from the patterns and the people who have come before, though, is the only way any of us advance.’  Seth Godin Life is full of opportunities to learn from others who have come before us. […]

Authors – In it for the Long Run!

So it Begins, again! With Book 3 – Legacy of Power set to launch by mid September (final edit due back Monday), I just wanted to let you all know I am right on top of it with Book 4. I have even named it, but its still a secret. I had anticipated this series […]

Advanced Reader Copies – Legacy of Power

Would you like an advanced reader copy of Book 3 – Legacy of Power? Well, the book is in the final stages of production and will be scheduled for release late August, or early September and I am super keen to get some early reviews listed on Amazon. Now the copies are limited, so priority […]

Welcome to Book Funnel

I have finally hooked up with Book Funnel to deliver my e-books directly to my readers. So far only Book 1 – Destiny of Kings has been converted, ready for delivery, but Book 2 – Seed of Hope is only a few days away. Book Funnel are an independent service provider who deliver files directly […]

Covenant of Grace Series – New Cover Launch

After 2 years and 3 books I am really excited to be bringing a new theme and cover design to my work.     These will be introduced to Amazon and Smashwords for all e-book versions over the next week or so along with an internal chapter header; as long as file conversions cooperate of […]

Sex Scenes in Fantasy – Yes/No?

I heard a rumour that someone was concerned that my first book Destiny of Kings had an orgy scene in it and that this was why they hadn’t read it. I had to laugh because apparently this comment caused the husband of one of my close friends to pick up the book immediately, read it (he rarely […]

Trying Not to be a Doubter

Seth Godin wrote this article on the ‘gulf of disapproval’ that comes with any new idea. I find it deflating when people do this to me, but I realise I can be a doubter too.