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A re-telling of the story of King David. Where religious turmoil & dark magic reign. The Covenant of Grace Epic Fantasy Series is finished. Start your journey today with book 1 – Destiny of Kings FREE.

Yes You Can!

Months had gone by since I had contacted the local library about being involved in a presentation on Indie writing. To be honest I had forgotten all about it and assumed the library had better things to do than hear me speak. That was until last week, when I received an invitation. I was a […]

Instafreebie – Over 120 Titles

It is great to be a part of a collection of self published authors who want to share their work with the world. Andrea is hosting an Instafreebie multi-genre giveaway on her webiste and there are over 120 titles to choose from. If you are looking for free books to help you find your next […]

Covenant of Grace; What’s the Story Concept?

David really sucked as a God anointed King at times. What Jehovah was thinking, no one can really be sure. Why he knocked Saul off for David, didn’t make a lot of sense when you think of all the terrible mistakes David made throughout his reign. He shagged his General’s wife, got her pregnant and […]

Covenant of Grace Boxed Set Pre Order for Christmas

Get all 3 books in the Covenant of Grace Series for less than the current list price of book 3 – Legacy of Power. This offer is limited until the boxed set is officially released on the 9th December. Only $2.99 USD for all three books in the current series.

Getting Side Tracked…

Sometimes when I am so focussed on where I want to be or what I want to achieve, I forget to look around for fear of becoming side tracked. Writing can be like that. Often the experts will tell me to stay focussed, to keep writing, to keep moving forward with my eye on the […]

An Author’s Process with Marie Lavender

Marie Lavender is celebrating her 350th blog post anniversary and she recently asked her wide network of author friends to describe their writing process. Take a look at the wide range of awesome and unique responses that came back. You can take a look here.

The Hardest Part of All!

The hardest part of all! “The last step is so often overlooked: The part where you show up, regularly, consistently and generously, for years and years, to organize and lead and build confidence in the change you seek to make.” Seth Godin I ran into Barbara Brewster again today and after a quick chat, I […]

Finding Common Ground

‘For as long as we’ve been keeping records, human beings have been on alert for the differences that divide us. Then we fixate on those differences, amplifying them, ascribing all sorts of irrelevant behaviours to them. Until, the next thing you know, we start referring to, “those people.” Seth Godin I used to think it was understanding […]

What Kind of Writer am I?

I kinda stole this question from Steven Pressfield, in that he recently posted how he dealt with this exact same question. His post made me mull over the question for myself; his motive no doubt: What Kind of Writer am I? I can’t really say why I started writing, except that there was a little niggling […]

Critique isn’t Criticism

Critique isn’t criticism well it is sort of, but in a good way. I had to keep telling myself this fact as I read a review of my second book, Seed of Hope by Anne from @Inkedbrownies. The review offered a detailed critique and I was slightly embarrassed for a moment when I first read it on […]