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Putting the Pieces Together

Putting the pieces together, joining the dots, completing the jigsaw puzzle, balancing the decor…… It has been the pattern of my life.

Jeff Goins has just released his new book The Art of Work. Now I missed my free copy because I live in Australia and I am still devastated (I will get over it Jeff), but I have been getting little snippets of the book from Jeff’s blog…… Sorry, cheating, I promise I will buy it soon.

Something he talks a lot about is how our life experience often shows us what we could or should be doing with ourselves. So, while reflecting on the many experiences I have had over the years and how they have influenced my life/work, I reached a little epiphany.

I like symmetry, balance, completion and fruition of my goals, projects, stories and life in general. It is my pet peeve, something which can drive me to distraction if I don’t get it. So finding the patterns and putting pieces together is what I do and have always done.

So, writing full length novels and or series of books helps me to do this when I can’t always accomplish completion in my every day real world life. Writing stories that have some sort of completion, with goals that reach fruition is totally satisfying when sometimes, well often, other parts of my life are still in disarray.

Now that doesn’t mean my books are neatly tied up with bundles of boredom, but it does mean that every little detail has a significant part to play in the story. The more I write, the more I am getting interested in this intriguing story weaving technique.

Now, as I work through my story editing of Seed of Hope, Book 2 in the Covenant of Grace series, I am finding all the little intriguing parts I had almost forgotten I had written. Now I am making sure I tie up all those lose ends (except the ones that are supposed to leave you hanging) so that I can find the balance in my work, even though my real world is as messy as usual.

Stay tuned, soon I will be offering Destiny of Kings free to anyone who buys Seed of Hope. To get this special offer, join me on my email list for updates.




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