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Regulation Vs Freedom

We need regulations because as a society we can’t seem to handle freedom, we have lost the know how…..

  • Our schools rarely offer the freedom to learn and develop individually; there is always a syllabus or system of teaching which must be adhered to and all outcomes are measured by.
  • Our business environments have processes and procedures and policies…… All must be followed to avoid consequences and all offer measures by which we must stack up to.
  • Our personal lives are even regulated socially with what we can say and do and how we can say it. So much so we hold back the truth for fear of judgement.

Freedom requires self regulation, a lost art; or maybe we have still yet to learn it.

I was driving home from work today and I went through a school zone. The speed limit was 40kmh because school was letting out for the day. This speed limit is designed to save lives and minimise the chances of a driver accidentally killing someone. I slowed down and drove right past a police officer with his radar gun. I drove up the road and around the corner into a road work zone, also 40kmh. I slowed to the right speed and cars flew past me, unwilling to observe the speed limit. Now I get just as frustrated as the next person as this area is prone to putting out road work signs when there really are no road works, so motorists have been desensitised to them, ignoring them and speeding through. Logically we know that speed limits are there for a reason, but we all have the freedom to choose to obey a speed limit or any other law. So often we justify why we don’t obey the law and only when there is a financial consequence are we more likely to comply. Monetary loss is not a good reason for obeying a law, yet our society knows no other way to make us responsible for our actions. Fines or imprisonment are it, but they are not working.

So how can freedom function in society?

Freedom can only work in our society when people see that some regulation is required, but we should also make choices based on what’s good for everyone, not just ourselves.  Over regulation has become necessary because people, for the most part, only think in selfish terms and not about how their actions can effect others.

Let’s get back to some basics, like putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. Or thinking about the social, environmental and community consequences, not only the financial ones before choosing our actions.  Then maybe we can remove the extra layers of regulation which have been added to our society in the last 70 years or so. Maybe then we can experience the freedom we demand but don’t yet deserve.

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