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Rushing In Again!

I was just about to push through my final revision, send my book to the editor & then start the marketing process when I read this article from Jeff Goins. I know I read a lot from Jeff, from Seth Godin and a few others too, but they always manage to share such pearls of wisdom.

In this article, Jeff talks about how a book launch can be a selfish endeavour. Now I am not ready for my book launch just yet, but I realised I might have been a little selfish with my rushed schedule. I have a few family and friends who really enjoy being a part of the final preparation process, probably more than I do and to rush in & meet an arbitrary date I have set, would deprive them of some of the fun.

One of those people is my manuscript editor, my mum. She doesn’t do my final edit, but she does love reading and correcting my shocking spelling and grammar, probably saving my professional editor loads of angst. The other is a good friend who is a huge fan of General Martinez and loves being one of the first to read my work. Her feedback was significant in reshaping a number of scenes in Destiny of Kings.

So, I have decided I will be delaying my release date in order to share the excitement around with those who get as much out of the process of writing as I do.

I would love to give you a chance to join in the excitement, so I will be sharing the book cover art work when it is ready, in case you have some feedback for me. I would also welcome a handful of people who have read book 1 – Destiny of Kings and would like to give an early review of Book 2 – Seed of Hope before its final release. If you are one of those people, please contact me or leave a comment.

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